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Searching in

All searches on are started by entering the name of a City and selecting the state in the drop down box. This will generate a list of properties that are found in that City/State combination.

After the initial search has been conducted then the search may be refined. In the refinement process additional cities that are close to the initial city are presented for selection. The minimum and maximum rent values may be entered, also, together with the size of rental desired and the type of Rental (one of apartment, condo and house).

By default the results of a search are presented in order of ascending rent, but the column titles may be clicked to resort the search results in the desired order.

Clicking any of the properties displayed will result in the data for that property being displayed.

A new search may be commenced at any time by entering a new city and state combination in the search fields, or by returning to the home page and starting the search there. only contains rentals in the US and Canada (also Puerto Rico).

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