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Contacting Owners allows owners to be contacted via the site in a number of different ways, primarily guestcards, appointments and applications. Each of these provides the owner/manager with different information.

Guestcards are a simple contact us form that require an email address, telephone number and name. You may also select which type of unit you are interested in. Filling out a guestcard automatically informs the owner/manager of your interest in their property and gives them enough information for them to contact you.

Different to a guestcard in that making an appointment allows you to select a date and time that you would like to visit a community for the purposes of viewing units. The date and time you select must be within the standard office hours for the request to be considered. You will receive an email that confirms your request, but you must wait for the property manager to respond before the appointment is confirmed. Do not assume that the appointment is confirmed.

Applications supports both downloadable applications and online forms. These may be used to streamline the process of submitting an application to a property owner and manager.

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