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The application process is facilitated by in two ways. Firstly some of the properties on have downloadable applications. There may be viewed on the screen and then be printed off for completion, and subsequent submission to the property.

Secondly there is the online application. This is an application form that is filled in on the web site and is submitted to the property owner in real time.

The application form is 5 pages long and certain forms within the application have expanding areas (employment history and housing history) to accept all relevant information. Mandatory sections of the application are clearly marked and must be filled in as required.

Once all pages have been completed, use the submit button to save the application in the database. At this point the information on the application will be reviewed for completeness and any errors will be identified. If the application is complete then the various submission instructions will be displayed. Some owners like the form to be printed and faxed, while others will accept the electronic version.

Full instructions are given for the submission of the application, together with any application fees.

Considering the amount of work it takes to complete an application you may want to store the completed application in a rentals account so it can be used more than once.

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